Wallpaper set (2022)

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This item is for donation to the GroundbreakinG project. You can download the wallpaper set of "GroundbreakinG - BOFXVII COMPILATION ALBUM" if you support it.


Images size: 4K (3840 x 2160), Full HD (1920 x 1080), iPhone6,7,8,SE (375 x 667), iPhone6,7,8,SE@2x (750 x 1334), iPhoneX,Xs,11,12 (375 x 812), iPhoneX,Xs,11,12@2x (750 x 1624)

All the money collected will be used for the continued activities and management of GroundbreakinG projects. (by all the GroundbreakinG staff)


  • Size
    5.23 MB
  • Wallpaper images
    Full HD, 4K, iPhone8, iPhoneXs, iPhone8 (x2), iPhoneXs (x2)
  • Size5.23 MB
  • Wallpaper imagesFull HD, 4K, iPhone8, iPhoneXs, iPhone8 (x2), iPhoneXs (x2)
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Wallpaper set (2022)

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